2017 Club Championship results

2017 Temuka Golf Club Championship winners:

L-R  Women: Sharon Patrick, Robyn Will, Anne McSweeney, Faye Mulvey
Men: Jim Sinclair, Snow Manson, Hamish Scarbrook, Steve Mackle, Jeff Shaw
The 2017 Championship finals were held on Sunday 01 October 2017 with ideal playing conditions.   Good to see a number of members following play and giving support to the finalists.   The results were:
Women: Sharon Patrick beat Fran Mulvey 5up, Robyn Will beat Carolyn Darby 5up, Anne McSweeney beat Liz Attridge 6up, Faye Mulvey beat Noline Donoghue 1up
Men: Hamish Scarbrook beat Andrew Palmer 6/5, Steve Mackle beat Paul Mawhinney 4/2, Snow Manson beat Norm Barnett 3up. Jim Sinclair beat Brian Mulvey 12up, Jeff Shaw beat Graham Melhopt 3/2.
Trophies were presented to winners by the Club Patron, Alistair McLean following play.