Alert Level 2 Committee Update

Temuka Golf Club Level 2   Thursday 14th May

Closure of clubhouse

The clubhouse/ carts will remain closed until further notice, the risk and requirements to reopening at this time are deemed to be too difficult so the committee have decided to take this path, this will be reviewed as soon as required or on the event of a level change. The next likely change is May 26th

Local rules during level 2
Flags: the flags are to stay in the hole, all putts that are with in 30cm will be treated as Gimmes( holed out). Do not touch the flag.

Bunkers: no rakes are available you may take the nearest point of relief within the bunker if you have a disturbed lie and place your ball at the nearest point of relief if required.  Do your best to repair the sand after playing a shot, sliding your foot lightly over the area

30cm placing on all fairways is on.

Cards: will be available but will not be entered by handicappers, mark your own card and partner score if you wish to retain this score card for handicapping later.

Traceability: you may play with others at any time, but please record your name contact details and tee off times on list provided in box at clubhouse. Sanitiser is available at sign in sheets, please use this as required.

Competitions:  there is no competition at this stage so please organise your own partners and enjoy a round of golf. You are welcome to attend at the usual start times to make up a four.  Please do not congregate around the clubhouse and practice green area, proceed to the tees

We thank you for your patience and understanding at this concerning time, and look forward to normal times returning,

Management Committee