Cart Hire Conditions of Use

The object of the purchase of the motorised carts is to improve the facilities the club can offer members and provide a means of transport for those having difficulty walking the distance to facilitate them continuing to play golf. However it is also intended that the use of carts will not be monopolised by the same few users, esp. on peak usage days, e.g. Club Saturday, at the expense of all others.

A booking sheet for the carts will be held in the green fee box beside the front entrance. Carts can only be booked in the week of the intended use. Those wishing to hire the carts can book by writing their name and golf ID on the sheet for the day and time the cart is required and no. of holes. Those wanting carts outside club day play should book and then ring the number on the booking sheet to get access to the cart if it is not out for use for the time indicated. Carts hired on club days but outside club day match times must be returned to the storage area at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the club day for club match bookings

The carts are available for hire to anyone with a car driver’s licence or if they do not hold a licence must be age 18 or older. Members will have first call on hire on match days.

Among members those who have booked the earliest and those with a medical certificate or greater seniority (age)/lesser physical capability will have preference (but not necessarily in that order) if there are multiple bookings.

9 Hole club members will have preference on 9 Hole club day on Thursday afternoon 12.30 pm. To 3 pm. A member with a medical certificate or seniority/less capability who does not make a booking prior to match day will not have preference over any other members who have made prior bookings for that match day. Hire to singles is to be avoided when demand is high esp. club days. Carts are to be utilised fully and it is expected that two members requiring a cart will share a cart and play in the same four.

Where there are no bookings for a match day, carts will be allocated on a first come basis (including non – members).

Members who book a cart, and without notice to the Club Captain or Sector Club Captain or Convenor (ladies, 9 hole club, juniors) and do not turn up to use it, will be liable to pay the cost of the hire.

At times the club will require use of a cart (green fee checks, tournaments, pennant matches) and this will have preference on the booking sheet.

Where carts are overbooked the club official will make an allocation. The club official’s decision is final and will not be disputed

Use of carts for club matches/trophies/championships will be at the discretion of the match committee. The match committee will advise when carts cannot be used. When cart use is not permitted by the match committee, persons with club approval to use a motor cart based on medical reasons will be exempt from the match committee ruling.

The match committee, course committee or club executive can suspend the use of carts if their use is likely to have an adverse effect on the condition of the golf course and in these circumstances any bookings will be cancelled.

Hire Documentation & Responsibility
The Hire Receipts are held at the green fee box. Hirers will fill out the slips and sign them.

Hirers will tear off the bottom part of the receipt and put that with the hire fee in the brown envelope. This can be put down the green fee payment slot.

The hirer will fill in the Cart Hire Fee Sheet

All hirers will fill out the Hire Receipt and display the receipt in the plastic pocket on the window of the cart.

The hirer will report any damage when the cart is returned.

The Hirers of the carts are responsible for the carts while in their use. As such they will pay the costs of repair for any damage/injury to themselves or a third party or their property that has incurred while in their use of the cart and no liability is accepted by the Temuka Golf Club Inc. for any damage/injury and associated costs.