Temuka Golf Club News

Results Saturday 10 March

Saturday Mens Club Championship Qualifier Round
Winner over the field: A Etti 63-19-82
Senior: H Scarsbrook 70-2-68, M Peattie 73-5-68, H Winkelman 78-9-69, M Kerse 74-4-70, S Stewart 82-12-70
Intermediate: R Archibald 86-18-68, D Teahen 86-17-69, M Anglem 89-18-71, D Milne 87-16-71, N Barnett 92-20-72, C Walker 91-16-75
Junior: R Joyce 87-20-67, G Pooke 96-24-72, D Will 97-25-72, R Hammond 98-26-72, I Cooper 103-30-73, J Donoghue 95-22-73, R Tarrant 96-22-74, J Shore 103-29-74, C Kelley 98-24-74
Nearest Pin No. 9: D Marryatt. No. 12: D Teahen

Saturday Ladies Nancy McCormick Foursomes
Best Score AM: S Patrick &

Results Wednesday 7 March

3rd LGU, 2nd Qualifying, Coronation Medal, Aotearoa Cup, NZ Vets 70+, Bisdee Vets 65+
Winner over the Field: S Scott 95-26-69
0-23: J Davenport 94-23-71, L Stratford 100-23-77, Fran Mulvey 93-14-79, R Will 96-17-79, K Manson 101-22-79
24-54: S Scott, J Whitley 101-30-71, R Walker 99-24-75, R Jones 105-28-77
9 Holers Medal: K Sullivan 54-19-35, J Kearns 53-18-35, B Smith 64-26-38, M Jackson 67-26-41
Twos: nil Nett Eagles: W Powell Nearest the Pins: R Winkelman (No 9) J Davenport (No 12)

Results Saturday 3 March

Saturday Mens Shootout Medal
Winner over the field: J Donoghue 86-23-63
Senior: K Histen 74-7-67, C Archibald 79-11-68, H Winkelman 77-8-69
Twos: C Turner
Intermediate: M Anglem 84-18-66, C Attridge 81-14-67, R Archibald 85-18-67, T Sullivan 86-17-69, B Mulvey 85-16-69
Junior: J Shore 94-30-64, R Stevenson 86-21-65, L Cunningham 95-27-68, R Tarrant 90-22-68, D Amos 95-26-69
Nearest Pin No. 9: A Stuart. No. 12: G Broker

Saturday Ladies 3rd LGU, 2nd Championship Qual, 2nd Bisdee Vets, 1st Templer Trophy, Coronation Medal/Aotearoa Cup, 2nd Shootout Qual
Winner by chip-off: J Whitley 98-30-68
R Will 85-17-68, A Stuart 85-14-71, J Bolitho

Results Wednesday 28 February

2nd LGU, Ist Qualifying, 2nd Bisdee Vets 65+
Winner over the field: W Powell 91-22-69
0-23:P Taylor 90-20-70, K Manson 94-22-72, J Davenport 96-23-73, R WInkelman 93-20-73
24-54: J Whitley 101-30-71, A McSweeney 101-27-74, D Maloney 108-32-76, R Walker 101-24-77
Twos:(0-23) W Powell & P Taylor (24-54) Nil
Nett Eagles: K Sullivan & R Pannett (No 3)
Nearest the Pins: E Marryatt (No 9) H Tarrant (No 12)
9 Holers 1st LGU:
R Pannett 57-25-32, C Spillane 60-27-33, M Kerse 54-20-34, M Jackson 63-28-35, K Sullivan 54-19-35, A Courname 55-19-36

Saturday 24 February Results

Temuka Golf Saturday 24/2/18
Club Championships Qualifier 1st round:
Winner over the Field: R Joyce 85-21-64
Senior: M Kerse 71-5-66, K Teahen 72-4-68, S Mackle 79-10-69, B Foxcroft 81-12-69, C Scarsbrook 78-9-69
Twos: M Kerse (2) C Archibald
Intermediate: M Anglem 84-18-66, D Teahen 84-17-67, R Archibald 86-18-68, F McIvor 87-18-69, C Walker 87-17-70 by lot D McStay 85-15-70
Twos: nil
Juniors: J Donoghue 89-23-66, I Cooper 96-30-66, E Chilton 104-36-68, R Stevens 91-21-70, A Peattie 94-24-70, C Double 93-22-71 by lot from A Smith
Twos: I Cooper
Nearest the Pins: I Cooper (No 9) D Milne (No 12)

Flooding – Course open for play

Course open for play

Casual water all but gone. Fairways, tees, surrounds and greens mowed today. Saturday Feb. 24th competition as per programme


RC Walker Trophy

Played on Sunday 17 February 2018 and competed for by a large (?) field with four pairs of mixed drawn partners playing in perfect weather conditions.   The winners with a net 62 were Karyn Kelley and Murray Kerse, followed by Pam Taylor and Jamie Shore with a net 63.   A lovely day was had by all – we shared a very adequate afternoon tea and a few jokes afterwards.   Thank you to those who continue to support the efforts of our Social Club.  (Photo shows the winners who were presented with

Mens 9 Hole Trophy Winners

At the recent Temuka Golf Club’s 9 Hole men’s prize giving the major trophies for the year were presented. The trophies were presented by mens 9 Hole organiser Watkin Bell (far left)and 9 hole Management Committee rep. Margaret Kerse (middle).

John Tarrant (far right) receives the Ian Cleveland Trophy for winning the 3 round total score out of 6 stroke play rounds








John Harniess receives the Grant Trophy for the best 3 round total stableford score out 4 rounds competition







Rex Bauke receives the trophy for the Singles Knockout Matchplay competition







Colin Hodges receives

Saturday 17 February Results

Saturday Mens 4BBB Competition
Winners over the field: P Donehue & C Mathewson 57, P O’Connell & C Archibald 60, W Hobbs & R Harmon 60, D Teahen & J Laney 61, G Double & S Mackle 61, R Stevens & R Archibald 61, B Foxcroft & K Histen 61, F McIvor & G Thomas 61
Twos: C Scarsbrook, M Kerse, R Teahen x2, C Walker
Nearest Pin No. 9: C Scarsbrook. No. 12: M Kerse
Nett Eagles: R Teahen

Saturday Ladies 2nd LGU, 2nd Bisdee Vets & 1st Qualifying Round
0-22: M Dale 90-20-70, D

Course Maintenance update

President Blaine Lyford, Greenkeeper Ian and the course sub committee met and Feb. 12th discussed several matters related to the course. It was agreed to  completely renovate the practice green and this will be done in two stages. The southern half of the green will be sprayed off immediately and when the turf is dead will be cultivated, re-soiled and levelled and resown, all done by the end of the 1st week in March and hopefully enough time to develop a playing surface before winter.  The  dead spots in the

Saturday 10 February Results

Saturday Mens Stableford
Winner over the field: D McLachlan 44pts
Senior: D McLachlan 44, W Hobbs 38, P Donehue 37, C Scarsbrook 36 by lot H Scarsbrook
Twos: C Archibald, H Scarsbrook, W Hobbs
Intermediate: B Mulvey 35, R Archibald 35, J Laney 33, J Gould 33, P Crotty 32, N Barnett 32
Twos: J Gould
Juniors: R Tarrant 39, G Howey 38, T Davies 37, G Double 36, E Chilton 36, J Shore 35, A Smith 35
Twos: G Howey
Nearest Pin No. 9: R Teahen. No. 12: L Cunningham

Saturday Ladies Competition – LGU, Ringers, Putting, Vets

Mens McCully Cup Winner

Lloyd Cunningham holds the McCully Cup presented by Patron Alistar McLean.
The Award was for the total of the best 3 nett scores out 5 rounds played
during December and January

Results Saturday 27 January – Opening Day

Opening Day Edith McLeod Trophy 4BBB Stableford
Dave and Robyn Will receive the Edith McLeod Trophy from Patron Alistar McLean for the
best combined mixed 4BBB score on Opening Day.
Full results below –

Mixed 4BBB
D & R Will 49, J Sinclair & P Taylor 45, N & G Smith 45, G & J Bolitho 44, G Double & L Attridge 44, M Kerse & R Winkelman 44

Mens Stableford:
N Barnett 42, C Archibald 42, T Nolan 41, C Scarsbrook 38, A Smith 38, D Teahen 38, J Shore 38, P Mawhinney 37, W

Saturday 20 January Results

Mens Saturday Competition – 5th McCully Trophy
Winner over the field: J Shore 98-37-61
Senior: P Mawhinney 80-12-68, K Histen 75-7-68, H Scarsbrook 70-2-68, M Kerse 74-5-69
Intermediate: D Teahen 82-17-65, D McStay 80-14-66, N Smith 85-16-69, J Gould 84-15-69, B Mulvey 84-15-69 by lot T Sullivan 85-16-69
Twos: R Dale, J Sinclair, F McIvor
Junior: L Cunningham 90-28-62, N Barnett 87-21-66, R Manson 87-21-66, G Howey 94-26-68
Twos: S Manson, C Kooman
Nearest Pin No. 9: N Barnett. No. 12: M Kerse

Ladies Saturday Competiton – 5th McCully Trophy
R Winkelman 90-23-67, J Bolitho 87-19-68, R Will 87-19-68,

Results Saturday 13 January

Saturday Mens McCully Trophy Medal Competition
Winner over the field: H Scarsbrook 68-2-66
Senior: C Scarsbrook 79-13-66, K Histen 74-7-67, M Peattie 73-5-68 by lot B Lyford
Twos: C Scarsbrook, B Lyford (2), R Teahen
Intermediate: P OÇonnell 85-17-68, J Gould 85-15-70, J Sinclair 85-15-70, D Teahen 87-17-70
Twos: J Laney
Junior: G Pooke 91-25-66, D Will 96-27-69, I Cooper 100-30-70, J Donoghue 92-21-71 by lot R Harmon
Twos: G Pooke
Nearest Pin No. 9: R Teahen. No. 12: G Pooke

Saturday Ladies McCully Trophy Medal Competition
J Bolitho 88-19-69, K Kelly 102-32-70, A Stuart 86-15-71, Faye Mulvey 99-27-72, S

Results Saturday 23 December

Temuka Golf Club Christmas Stableford
Winner over the field: C Archibald 47
B Davies 43, C Scarsbrook 42, M Kerse 41, B Ranger 40, H Scarsbrook 40, S Manson 40, E Chilton 39, P Mawhinney 39, C Attridge 39, H Winkelman 38, G McNicol 38, M Anglem 38, J Bolitho 36
Twos: G McNicol (2), M Kerse, C Archibald (20), G Smith, G Howey
Nett Eagles: H Winkelman
Nearest Pin No. 9: S Manson. No. 12: C Archibald