Course Maintenance update

President Blaine Lyford, Greenkeeper Ian and the course sub committee met and Feb. 12th discussed several matters related to the course. It was agreed to  completely renovate the practice green and this will be done in two stages. The southern half of the green will be sprayed off immediately and when the turf is dead will be cultivated, re-soiled and levelled and resown, all done by the end of the 1st week in March and hopefully enough time to develop a playing surface before winter.  The  dead spots in the north side of the green have been aerated and seeded however this side of the green will be open for use. It will help if players could avoid walking on these spots. An additional irrigation coverage will be added to the south west corner of the green to even up the watering in that area of the green. The north side of the practice green will be renovated next spring.

Greenkeeper Ian has verticut and seeded and fertilised the bare areas in front No 10 and No 13 greens.

The new mound on No 12 was top dressed with fine soil, fertilised and seeded.

Additionally the course subcommittee constructed a swale on the right side of No. 12 green at the edge of the surrounds. This is similar to the one on the left of No 2 green but it will be more in play. This has been formed, soiled, fertilised and seeded and hopefully will be playable before winter. The mound and swale are treated as GUR and avoiding walking on the areas will help establishing new grass growth