Course Open for Play on June 30th

Temuka Golf Club Course Update 29/6/21

I’m thrilled to inform you that our course is reopening for 18
holes as of Wednesday 30/6/21 yes that’s tomorrow.
We will be playing the whole course no adjustments to holes,
it may be winter conditions but at least we are playing on our
own course, please treat the course with care.
Reciprocal rights will now cease as we have reopened .
You have 1 club length placing over the whole course (except
sand bunkers) and if in silted areas take to the nearest point
of relief. Check the local rules board for any other rules
If you have mud on your shoes when approaching greens,
please give them a tap with your club before going onto the
green and do not wear shoes you play in in the clubhouse
A massive thankyou to all those who have turned up at the
working bees in preparation for this re-opening, including the
stone gathering on Monday, silt removal on Friday and then
our massive working bee earlier this month, and to those
who have also been working away at other times thank you.
Give yourself a pat on the back ;
Willie Powell