Guide for Course Care & avoiding Slow Play

Guide to all Members

  1. Players should move briskly between shots. When the last player has putted, move away from the green before filling in the score card.
  2. Players losing one clear hole in front should let the following players through.
  3. Replace all divots and heel in solidly. Where the divot cannot be replaced, heel in the divot mark from each side or carry a dirt bucket and fill in divots with dirt. Repair pitch marks on greens.
  4. Watch flight of partner’s drives and note where they finish.
  5. Remain motionless and silent whilst others are preparing to hit.
  6. Generally the player furthest from the flag plays first but a closer player may play first to prevent a delay and speed up play.
  7. When attending the flag, keep your feet as far from the hole as possible and keep shadow away from the hole and line of putt.  Avoid walking on the putt line of other players in your group.
  8. Smooth out foot and divot marks in bunkers with rake provided. Do not lie the rake across the front of the bunker after use
  9. Avoid pulling golf carts between bunkers/mounds and them green especially when conditions are wet.
  10. Do not mark cards on the green, wait until you are on the next tee. Person with honour should tee off first before marking card.
  11. Players with motorised bikes and carts should not go within 10m of any green and avoid any wet areas on the course.
  12. Please keep your course tidy.
  13. Users of motorised carts must comply with policies, procedures and instructions related to hire and use of carts on the course.

DRESS: Players are requested to maintain a reasonable standard of dress