Ladies 2 Ball Best Ball Tournament 7 December Results

Christmas   2 Ball Best Ball Tournament

31 pairs from around the Aorangi region took part in a Christmas Tournament held at Temuka. Players came suitably dressed in Christmas attire, earrings and hats  and prizes were given to the best dressed pair. Santa came and handed out lollies and while they were playing golf, players were asked to look for elves and gnomes hidden around the course, to win more prizes.  The course was in great condition and the weather was  perfect for what was a fun day enjoyed by all.

Winners: F Brereman & V Sisson (Rakaia) 61, c/b J Bolitho & W Powell (Tka) 61, M Wederall & J Burrows (Rakaia) 63, c/b D Taylor & L Stratford (Tka) 63, Fran Mulvey & G Priddle (Tka) 63, P Taylor & B Davies (Tka) 64, F Grant & M Bolton (Gld) 65, c/b A Burrows & H May (Gld) 65, c/b R Will & N Donoghue (Tka) 65, c/b E Marryatt & R Winkelman (Tka) 65, c/b S Quinn & S Smith (Rakaia) 65, c/b R Jones & M Dale (Tka) 65.

NTP’s: 0-22   L Stratford (no 12)     23-41   M O’Neill (Pl Pt) (no 9)   Twos:   C Fowler (Gld)   (No 9)