Life Member and Honoured Member Awards

At the AGM on Nov 27th The Club made  Betty Bisdee and Jan Davenport Life Members. Betty and Jan had a history of administration for the club and involvement in club activity going back to the 1970s. Betty also had close to ten years in Golf South Canterbury administration







Club Patron Alistar McLean presents Betty Bisdee                                Alistar McLean presents Jan Davenport
her life member award                                                                                 her life member award


The Club also awarded Norm Barnett, David Will and Brian Mulvey Honoured Member status for voluntary work on the course over the last 15 to 20 years. Additionally  Norm had 1 year as a Club Captain and 2 years as Course Manager and David had 1 2 year term as President.

At the same meeting the Club farewelled Bruce McCully and thanked him for his 10 years of service as Secretary Treasurer and made a presentation to him.

Norm Barnett receives his award                                           David Will receives his award







Life Member Jan Davenport presents
Brian Mulvey his Honoured Member award







Alistar McLean makes the Club's presentation to
Bruce McCully