Married Couples Trophy 2020 – Social Club Golf

Photo shows Brian and Faye Mulvey (middle of picture) flanked by the two JD's - both Life Members of the Club - John Donoghue and Jan Davenport.

On Sunday 8 August, 13 couples played a Foursome, competing for the Married Couples Trophy.  The winners are shown here - Faye and Brian Mulvey who had a very competitive score of 95-27-68, followed by Rae and Hans Winkelman 86-16-70;  Margaret and Russell Dale 98-20-72;  Elizabeth and Dick Marryatt 96-23-73.

Past winners of the shield, who were present on the day, were Renee and Graham Jones, 1980 and 2005;   Rae and Hans Winkelman 1989 and 2016;  Margaret and Russell Dale 2004;   Elizabeth and Dick Marryatt 1983 and 2013;  Noeline and John Donoghue 1999 and 2005; Karen and Charlie Kelley 2017;   Jan and Tony Davenport 2018 plus one other date which I will need to check the shield for;  Faye and Brian Mulvey 2008, 2010, 2019 and 2020.