McCully Trophy results

Men's 4th Round McCully Trophy

Winner over the field:   D McStay 77-18-59

Seniors:   1st B Ranger 76-8-68, 2nd R Harris 70-2-68

Two's:  R Harris

Intermediate:   1st W Twaddle 78-13-65, 2nd B Mulvey 81-16-65, 3rd D Teahen 85-18-67, 4th J Sinclair 82-14-68 by lot C Attridge 82-14-68

Two's:   D McStay, G Melhopt, M Tarrant, G Shaw, B Mulvey, R Dale

Juniors:   1st A Peattie 86-21-65, 2nd N Barnett 86-22-65, 3rd R Harmond 91-26-65, 4th J Langston 90-23-67, 5th E Chilton 98-31-67, 6th C Kelley 95-28-67, 7th C Double 93-24-69, 8th D Will 94-25-69

Two's:  Nil

Ladies 5th Round McCully Trophy

1st L Stratford 92-27-65, 2nd R Will 87-20-67, 3rd Fran Mulvey 80-13-67, 4th R Winkelman 90-19-71

Two's:  S Patrick & N Doneghue

Nearest the Pin:   # 9  R Harris  # 12 A Stuart

Nett Eagles:   K Manson, B Lyford, M Kerse