Results Saturday 25 March

Saturday Mens Competition - 3rd Rounds singles knockout, 1st round Taylor Flight and Stableford
Winner over the field: M Kerse 37p
Seniors: A Ogg 37, G McNicol 37, H Scarsbrook 36
Twos: A Ogg, G McNicol, M Kerse x2
Intermediate: P Crotty 33, J Laney 33, C Archibald 31 by lot G Mehlhopt 31
Junior: J Donoghue 37, D Will 35, G Pooke 33
Twos: G Pooke, L Cunningham
Nearest Pin No. 9: A Ogg. No. 12: G McNicol
Saturday Ladies Competition - National Teams and 2nd Qualifier shootout
R Will 93-20-73, N Donoghue 104-26-78
Twos: R Will, A Stuart
Nett Eagles: R Will. Eagle No. 16: A Stuart