Results Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd March

Saturday men's Jolly Potter Qualifying round
Winner over field: J Donoghue 59
Senior: C Scarsbrook 67, W Hobbs 68, G McNicol 70, B Foxcroft 70, W Twaddle 70
Twos: R Teahen, W Hobbs
Intermediate: J Sinclair 68, M Anglem 68, B Mulvey 69, R Dale 69
Twos: R Tarrant, R Stevenson, J Sinclair, T Sullivan
Junior: G Pooke 69, D Wills 69, L Cunningham 70
Nearest Pin No. 9: J Sinclair. No. 12: M Dale

Saturday Ladies 2nd LGU, 2nd Club Champ Qualifying, 2nd Complete Curtains Qualifier, Coronation Medal & Aotearoa Cup, 2nd Bisdee Vets
M Dale 94-24-70, L Attridge 97-26-71, R Will 91-19-72, N Donoghue 104-28-76, S Patrick 91-15-76
Nett Eagles: M Dale

RC Walker Trophy played Sunday 3 March
K & S Manson 86-23-63, J & T Davenport 91-23-68, Faye & B Mulvey 92-24-68
Nearest Pin No. 9: K Manson
Twos: K & S Manson

(Photo shows Life Member Jan Davenport presenting the RC Walker Trophy to Kathy and Snow Manson.)