Results Saturday 9 September

Saturday Mens Stableford Competition
Winner over the field: C Walker 82-21-61 44
Senior: S Mackle 38, M Kerse 37
Twos: H Winkelman, W Hobbs
Intermediate: J Sinclair 39, D McStay 39, T Sullivan 38, C Smith 38 by lot W Twaddle
Twos: P OÇonnell
Junior: J Donoghue 41, I Cooper 40, C Broker 39, G Double 35, P Crotty 35, C Kooman 35 by lot P Woods
Twos: C Kooman, J Donoghue
Nearest Pin No. 9: I Cooper. No. 12: J Sinclair
Saturday Ladies 11th LGU, Ringer and Shootout Qualifier
N Donoghue 99-32-67, B Davies 105-37-68, Faye Mulvey 102-30-72, P Taylor 98-24-74, R Will 96-21-75
Net Eagles: B Davies