Rules under Alert Level 3

Temuka Golf Club: Alert Level 3 Playing Rules

Players are only allowed to play on their own or with others in their bubble. Do not arrange to meet others.

 All players, members and green fee, must register on the list in the green fee & card box, with date name, tee off time and contact before playing.  Please use the sanitiser supplied after contact with surfaces in this area.

Players must observe social distancing of 2 metres from others at all times.

 You are encouraged to supply your own sanitiser to use around the course

 The Club’s motorised carts are not available for use

Bring your own equipment as sharing is not permitted.

 An interval of 6mins between tee times must be observed between solo players and 10 min interval between groups of two or more players.

 At the completion of your game please leave, no social activities are permitted at completion of playing.

 There will be no flags, rakes, ball washers or sand buckets, available on the course to prevent any chance of touch, avoid contact with tee signs, seats and tables.

 Treat bunkers as G.U.R. Placing is permitted. Repair divots & pitch marksThere are two holes on the greens for putting so choose the closest to your ball.

 Scores will not be entered during level 3. Scorecards will not be available.

 The clubhouse/toilet facilities will not be open.

 No refreshments will be available.

 The Club is required to monitor activity on the course and adherence to the conditions for play.

We are fortunate that we are able to play golf so just enjoy the time, and remember if the rules are not observed you may be asked to leave the course or if there is too much non-compliance the course will be closed again.

 Remember level 2 could be only weeks away if we do every required by the rules


President .W.M.Powell