Tophy Winners 2019

18 Hole Results
Senior: Fran Mulvey
Intermediate: W Powell
Junior: G Smith

Strokeplay Gross
Foxcroft Trophy: Fran Mulvey
R Wintiner Trophy: E Marryatt
R Green Trophy: A McSweeney

Strokeplay Nett
Edith McLeod Trophy: E Marryatt
Coughlan Plate: L Stratford

LGU Buttons
Silver: Fran Mulvey
Bronze 1: E Marryatt
Bronze 2: J Whitley

Senior: Fran Mulvey
Bronze 1: R Will
Bronze 2: J Whitley

Davenport Trophy: J Bolitho
Priddle Trophy: N Donoghue
Foxcroft Putting: R Jones & R Will
Singles Knockout: R Will
Betty Bisdee Vets Trophy: E Marryatt
Fourball Best Ball: R Will & L Stratford
Prattley Eclectic: Fran Mulvey
Nancy McCormick Foursomes: C Darby & W Powell
Saturday Trophy: R Will
Vintiner Trophy - Player of the Year: Fran Mulvey

9 Hole Results

Burke Trophy: R Taylor
Darby Flight: R Pannett
Stewart Cup: S Scott
Anniversary Cup: L Reilly
Theresa Nola Putting: L Reilly
Singles Knockout: L Reilly
Cleveland Trophy (most dedicated): L Reilly
LGU Button: C Spillane